Monday, May 31, 2010

Up running again + videos

Hi everyone. Sorry for not leaving a message about taking some time off. This past month I've joined the staff on Eliteprospects/football. Meanwhile, school is in on it's last week before the summer holiday so there's been a lot going on there. I've also made a comeback in soccer (here I am) so I've been quite busy.

After Friday I'm free from school for 11-12 weeks, and then only have one year before I get my degree as a journalist. So hopefully I can get going here again. Draft is coming up in less than a month and then there's free agency. I'll try to fill in here with some rumours until then.

Although I've had some time off, at least I have a surprise for you. Here's three videos I've put together this past week. All are eligible for HD quality (first press play and then change from 360p to 720p).

Paul Kariya tribute:

Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan tribute:

Mighty Ducks tribute:


  1. Couple days ago I was just thinkin' about to check in and ask how the blog is doing, forgot to do that, however. But nice to see you updating the blog, also good to see you posted those cool videos to here too.

    Great decision to start playing soccer again. It's no hockey, but a fun sport nonetheless :-D

  2. Thanks man. I'm surprised some are still looking in here when I haven't been active in over a month.

    See you on HF :)

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