Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short notes...

...The latest rumours has Teemu Selanne coming back for another year. It all depends on what direction the Ducks are going, contending or re-building?

...Saku Koivu is likely to stay if Selanne comes back or if the teams stays competitive.

...Scott Niedermayer could be less likely to come back. But these aren't from any legit sources, so take it for what it's worth.

...No more news on Joe DiPenta yet.

...Paul Kariya, Mark Streit and Tomas Kaberle are the most rumoured additions to the Ducks. Streit and Kaberle is likely pure speculation, while the Kariya rumour could have some roots to it.

...No news on Bobby Ryan's status.

...Selanne and Niedermayer are likely to make up their minds during next week.

...Anaheim won't officially reveal their new third jersey until next season has already started.

...While I have not been very busy here, I've done some more videos which I will be uploading here.

...I forgot to mention the new AndyDucks logo in my previous post. The one you can see in the top banner and also down in the right corner. Credit goes to "Richer's Ghost" on HFboards.

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  1. Yeah, the logo is cool =) This waitin' game sucks, but what can you do? Hopefully next week we'll know more than who's our next top draft pick.